Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Pretty Fingernails

That’s it.

I couldn’t stand chewing, biting and peeling my fingernails and the skin around it anymore. Sometimes, I got too rough and it bled. I’m so immune to it yet still hurts and ugly. Besides, I find it very hard to explain whenever people ask why I have so many bandaged fingers. ☹

From helping out at the CozyCot event I managed to land myself a better deal so I went for my first gel extension.

Mackey’s my nail technician – cute, filial, mature and hardworking. My set of nails took a grand total of three hours to complete! It was damn tough for a twitchy person like me. :/

Another irritating thing is, her service is available in Choa Chu Kang. Damn far!

Here’s the final result:

Chio not?!!

That is French overlay, with dried flowers pressed beneath the gel. I needed a pair of hands that can match with my outfit so I figured a Rainbow would suit best. :P

I know I can just do away with the nail art so it would cost much cheaper, but yeah, I’m vain!

The next time you see me, remember to shake both my hands that are worth $(three-digit). Hur. I hope this thing lasts!

P.S. I regretted having them so long, now I can’t type fast on keyboard, can’t SMS without correcting 10000000 mistakes, can’t wash my hair properly, cannot put bobby pins, and most importantly when I go toilet - had a hard time pulling my pants down!
But they’re so pretty though.

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