Friday, December 18, 2009

Bear & Bruno Are Actors

Bear & Bruno are TV actors now!

In case you haven’t already know, the lovely Rotties have been involved in a Malay drama serial! It’s great exposure and experience for them I suppose  - what with Rottweilers’ reputation gone and
working with a lot of Muslims on set. The boys were very obedient, according to their Pa, and he even sent me some pictures on set!

So adorable.

Their main duties were to bark and chase after the school students (I know you may think it’ll worsen the reputation, but hey, Bear & Bruno were instructed to do whatever the director wants). Switch around your thinking. Besides, at the end of the day, the boys are paid and their blog/name will be credited as well.

I am looking forward to the episode on Suria channel when it will be aired in January.

Also, on the boys’ blog, they have an abandoned husky named Shiloh waiting to be adopted. Interested parties please go to their site to find out more details and contact person/ viewing appointment.

Remember, pets are for life! Don’t be irresponsible like me – QQ is suffering from very bad skin now due to my negligence. I hadcompletely forgotten about giving her time to switch food of different brands.

Skinny monster, poor thing. :( (Not that I didn't feed her. She refused to eat some foods that I gave her. )

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