Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harry Potter World Opens!

As a mega-huge fan of Harry Potter (yes, I still am), I am beyond psyched to announce that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now open and Universal Orlando!

If you don't already know what this is all about, it's actually a theme park that is entirely based on the widely successful Harry Potter series created by J.K Rowling !

Nah, this isn't a advertorial though I would DIE to write one for them in exchange for a paid trip to visit this wonderful venue.

Truth be told, I have been following all their updates via newsletters, videos, artists' impression and every information that I can get my hands on. I've been waiting for this very day, hoping I can have the ability to go Florida to visit this place when it's opened. Now that it is officially open to the public, my bank account is looking extremely sick. :(

So they are some really interesting rides such as the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the Dragon Challenge. You can have the full description of all the shops and attractions HERE.

If you're so damn lucky to go, don't miss out shops like Honeydukes (for all sorts of candies including Every-Flavour Beans! and Chocolate Frogs), Ollivanders (for wands that choose you!) and Zonko's Joke shop opened by the Weasley Brothers.

Personally, I would rush to the Three Broomsticks for a mug of Butterbeer! Heh.

Universal Studios had live feed from USA on its opening on the 18th June 2010, here's what I've recorded:

Part I

and Part II:

I thought the opening was kinda bad and loose, same for its Celebrity opening (go youtube for videos on that).

That night, I waited eagerly for my live feed to begin:

First it was the stage, the opening completely started a whole 20 mins late or so. I was SO eager.

Then it proceeded to an image of the school train...

.... before I lost everything and the first part of the opening. -,-

They looped the "live" feed several times after that, =,=" 

For more news on Harry Potter and ticketing information, please look at their site.
If you do go, please take lots of photos, tag me and tell me all the magical stories!

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