Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tiger Show!

In late February, I attended an event called "Tiger Show". No, not that kind where we encounter in Thailand, Patpong, but it's  held in conjunction with Cats Welfare Society (CWS) for the year of the Tiger.

It was during the CNY period, here's how the poster looked like:

Actually my main motive there was to show some support for Barffie, who organised this show as the chairperson of the CWS. I wasn't aware I went on a Thursday, which was a "single's night", so it was odd when a man in his 30s or 40s approached me to talk about cats when my interest clearly rests with the canine breed. It was a little uncomfortable.

Not to mention I didn't have enough money for the entry! I had $10 with me. I didn't want alcoholic drinks so I thought it was $8. Anyway, somebody helped me cover the $2 and I got 2 bottles of mint green tea.

The event space wasn't big so I took a quick tour. This was my favourite art piece made from pieces of wood.

There were performances going on and the star of the show was Maia Lee, but I didn't wait till she arrived. I left at 8 plus for dinner.

It was an eye-opener but all the artwork were overpriced in my opinion, thus making it very hard to purchase anything. :/

Indie museum shows like that are rather cool, hope to attend more.

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