Friday, July 2, 2010


We're entering the month of July!

Okay, this year seems to have passed a lot faster. What seems to be significant so far for me is: I lost some of my most valuable people but also rekindled with another bunch of drama friends.

For the two that I lost, I missed them terribly. And looking at photos and updates but unable to interact is a bit hard for me to swallow. I can only bite my own tongue, suck thumb and watch. It didn't help that I dreamed of all four of us every fortnightly (all good dreams), and waking up feeling awesome because I thought it was real. FML.

Moving on to happier times, I met Green Man (he shall be known as this). This is him (in uglier moments):

 He had brought me to the Mad Jack Cafe at Jalan Kayu and expressed unhappiness to the quality of service we had received while lunching over there. First, the staff didn't know about their own ongoing promotions. Secondly, when prompted that we want the Monday lunch deal, he proceeded with asking us what drinks we wanted (the signboard says it comes with homemade ice lemon tea). Then, he said they didn't have lemon tea, but we can choose from their selected canned drinks. Fourth, the bill charged to us differ from the listed pricing, Green Man had to do the cost breakdown for him. Lastly, I ordered something with rice but he gave me a fork. -,-

To be fair, the food didn't taste bad. But the service standards ought to improve. My original plan to have their super sinful chocolate cake didn't happen.


Just last week he brought me to Little Guilin (yes I'm that WOLS), located near his working place. It was a humid afternoon and we both wore long sleeve shirts. It was also the day I forced him to bring me to have Sogurt and he received a parking offence coupon. Oops.

By the way, all the pretty illustrations in Sogurt is done by my friend, Fei, who is now in Switzerland with his boyfriend! So sweet. Nice work babe!
Along with his JC friends, we went kite flying which didn't turn out to be quite successful for us. Our Pandaman kite didn't not take off.

It may look high here but in actual fact it's only slightly above the trees. I shall go source for more PRACTICAL eye-catching kites. Speaking of which, why kites so expensive nowadays?!!

Like me, he has a bitch too - named Omimi. His is laozharboh already, 10 years old but still super active.

Recently, she is paying more attention to me than his owner! Muahahaha.

But I am paying more attention to her owner than her. Heh.


And we shall see how it goes from hereon.

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