Friday, March 4, 2011

I Want To Step Inside Johnnie Walker Jet Black

The Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party is back again this year and I hope to be part of it!

This is one hell of an exclusive party, where the I get to  immersed in world of Formula One with Singapore's celebrities, gyrate to music of hip-hop with DJ Skribble, drink my favourite Whisky and party with my fun-loving friends.

It is such a premium affair that the location is still unknown!
Last year, the Johnnie Walk Party Series have been travelling around the globe to celebrate the F1 weekends and Fay of WithLoveFay went for this biggest and hippiest event.

And in order to stand a chance, I had to try my best to strike the iconic Striding Man pose. Porcupine and I had a really fun time dressing up and posing for the camera, which was snapping away non-stop. This didn't stop until I realised I have 120 pictures to sift through!

After all the filtering, here's what I chose for both of us:

I picked this because of the 'motion' present. *march*

Our makeshift attire looks a bit funny but I promise we'll wear decent if I win the tickets. :)

I made our behind-the-scene shots into a collage, just because I love the silhouette effect and stark contrast to the sky outside.

Click to enlarge

I love Whisky and my liver will be lined in preparation for this March. Did I mentioned I went to watch Formula One last year too? 

The Johnny Walker Jet Black party will be held on March 12, 2011, and for more information on it, click this way to Johnnie Walker Singapore FB Page.

 Keep Walking.

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