Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Sweet Valentines

Same feelings, just on a slightly different date.

That’s how I would describe my Valentine’s Day this year. Initially, I thought Porcupine and I wouldn’t be celebrating it at all since he’s the very bo-chup (indifferent)  type. So, I didn’t prepare anything, no presents, no card, no new dresses. But about a week before V-day, he surprised me by telling me that we’re going to have lunch somewhere, and I’m required to dress up in a casual smart attire.

Here’s what I wore:

An understated black dress that I really like but seldom got the chance to wear it. Very cheap also, really.

He picked me up after work (he even took half day off for this!) and we went to the CBD area.

Walking along the busy streets, there were many girls and guys flaunting the bouquet of flowers in their hands. For me, there really was no need for flowers, it’s insane to pay 3x more for them and will only last about what, 4 days? It’s stupid. I'm already grateful that he remembered and the extra effort he put in to make me feel special. :)

That said, on any days if he wanna get me flowers (my favourite type of course), I’ll be pleased. Haha.

We went to a place with a breathtaking view like this:

 Us facing the Marina Bay Sands, and overseeing all the construction work going on below.

He brought me to Stellar at 1-Altitude, an atas restaurant located at the tallest building in Singapore. A reservation was made and we later managed to get a table by the window.

View from our table:

 The cars are so tiny, and the SBS buses look like toys.

There was no V-day menu during lunch, so we ordered the standard 3-course set lunch. The menu states S$38++, each set inclusive of a cup of coffee/tea, which we didn’t get in the end hor, by the way. 

Starter for me:

Unagi Roll with Avocado and Unagi sauce

His starter:


Tempura Maki Crab Meat with Avocado and Tomako Yaki Tempura

We both topped up $8 each for the Tuna sashimi, no regrets! BEST TUNA SASHIMI EVERRRRRRRR. Actually, we enjoyed the sushi set completely too lah. Super yummy.

We had bread and butter served with vinaigrette sauce, and Fiji (still water) at S$10/bottle. *gulps*

For mains, I chose the Porcini and Mascarpone Risotto with Fermin Jamon Iberico. My risotto was flavourful and delicious, but smells a bit like my dog food.

He had Braised WagYu Beef Cheek with Buttered Baby Carrots and Rosemary Sauce. The meat is juicy and tender, it melts instantly in you mouth!

Both dishes are best served hot, because after it got cold, it was a little thick and gelat, you’ll eventually get sick of it.

I think we’re both not used to fine dining so we didn’t know what was the appropriate behaviour. Haha, we feel so embarrassed taking pictures non-stop of the view.

Our dessert (I forgot the names!):

A combination of banana, chocolate and raspberries.

Chocolate souffle with Vanilla ice-cream, I think.

Singapore River and Boat Quay

 The Esplanade

After lunch, we headed up to the roof (Gallery & Bar) to take a look. The weather was mad hot. Somebody had to escort us up there, so we didn’t stay for long.

I also really liked how he carefully picked his outfit (floral prints!), he usually wears cartoon tees and berms from Bangkok mind you. 

 He even gelled his hair. Lol.

The bill came up to more than what we had expected, at about S$60+ per person. The food was great, but the service kinda sucked.

And also, the advertised V-Day Dinner Menu starts at S$160 (non-window) and S$190 (window) per person, can you imagine what the final bill will be?! I’m guessing between S$400 - S$550.

For the rest of the day, we just ran errands and hung around at *Scape, waving at The Muttons, having Yu Sheng for dinner at Sakae Sushi and I Am Number Four movie premiere at The Cathay. 

QQ celebrated her Valentine’s day with treats and a present from me:

Cake from US Doggie Bakery (NEX Mall)

Quilt for her to sleep cozily in bed

My pretty darling

Also the feisty bitch

My Valentine’s Day gift came in the form of an Amy Winehouse - Fred Perry collaboration buttoned top.  Thank you <3! He made me feel so guilty for not preparing anything at all. :/

This is my best Valentine’s Day. I love you all the same Sanyu, just like any other day. :)

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