Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's Make It Better With The New Chicken McGrill

It's all over Twitterville.

I'm talking about the 1-for-1 McDonalds virtual voucher that can be used at all Mac outlets. The voucher can be used to purchase all ala carte burgers, McWings and McNuggets today! 2 for the price of 1! Totally worth it, and Porcupine and I have also flashed ours at King Albert Park's drive-through to enjoy the offer.
What we had today was what I tried at the food tasting last week at the MacDonalds event.

The location was a little hard to find but the team had really put in a lot of effort to decorate the venue and make it comfortable for us bloggers.

We were in for a treat, for the new Chicken McGrill. It was a very interesting affair the staff members presented us a menu (yes, at Macs!).

Have you noticed the decor? We had table linen, fresh yellow roses to brighten up the restaurant and even utensils laid out neatly in front of us! William was already busy with taking pictures.

Seated next to us were Qiu Ting and Sophie Willocq, who were chatting with Silver Ang.

The host for the night, really eloquent and pretty too!

She kicked off the night by cracking a joke about the youngest food blogger in the house, and made the little boy flushed! Haha.

For starter, we had the unique Fish & Corn Quiche, which is actually steamed egg with cubes of Filet-O-Fish and corn in them. It was baked with BBQ sauce to give it an extra flavour. Silver and I was hoping we could get this on other ordinary days because it was really quite yummy, like a different version of chawanmushi.

Silver Ang and I
My orange juice was only used to cover my fat face. Haha. I don't like orange juice, they give me the coughs. :/

Next, our appetiser is a healthier choice of Fresh Salad Greens of fresh crisp lettuce, tomato slices, corn bits topped with low-fat Thousand Island dressing. The dressing was a bit too sour for my liking, tastes good just on its own!

I'm lovin' it.

The chef gave us a little introduction with her creation before bringing out the big one - Chicken Mc Grill!

The hospitality was GREAT. The waiting staff were smiling throughout the night.

Scored points with me for the effort put in to decorate the main course - Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill.

This big boy is made of grilled chicken thigh (thus explains the tenderness), lettuce, tomato slices, dribbled with chargrill sauce and sandwiched between two bakery-style sourdough bread. It is such a delight.

The Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill is of a bigger size than other burgers, so it's definitely very filling. I especially love the sourdough bread. However, it can get a bit messy so standby some napkins around!

Served with fries and a drink, the set meal costs S$8.

Silver and I  taking pictures for tweeting. (Picture by William)

Oh, but did I mention the connection there was VERY bad?! I had to go to the back door to tweet. :(

After the main course, we're served with another interesting item by chef Jansen, which is the Apple Yogurt Trifle.

The dessert is a tangy, refreshing  dessert with toasted caramel-cinnamon sourdough croutons. It is made from McDonald's Apple Dippers, strawberry yogurt, vanilla ice-cream, sourdough bread, strawberry sauce and cinnamon powder.

Very shiok.

What a spread! The food items we had were created by famous chef, Irene Jansen, who specially created Fish & Corn Quiche and Apple Yogurt Trifle for the crowd.

She later put up a performance with some of the staff there (I call them McDancers), twice (encore requested!). Watch their entertaining act here:

After dinner, we were encouraged to stay back and hang out with other bloggers over coffe/tea.

Chatting and picture-taking with the other bloggers. :D

On our way out, there was another surprise! The staff lined themselves one on each side and greeted us goodnight. They too, handed us a goodie bag which contained the full set of McDonald's food strap.

I gave it to Porcupine because he has been collecting Mac toys (err, except the Hello Kitty plush toys) ever since he was a little kid. :)

Dining at my favourite fast food outlet - I've been eating Macs 3-4 times recently. :X Haha, too convenient...

I'm so glad to be at the food tasting event and met many food lovers.

Anyway, if you didn't use the 1-for-1 deal for the Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill, don't worry because...

Here's another new voucher valid till 7 March 2011 for your indulgence! Remember to PRINT it out to enjoy with your family and friends.

You can find out more about it at Make It Better.

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