Thursday, April 14, 2011

G2000 Spring/Summer Collection 2011

Two Fridays ago I was at the G2000 Fashion Show 2011 at Marina Square. G2000, with its newest fashion campaign - Step Out, launches its newest collection for this Spring and Summer.

I invited Cherie but she was stuck in a traffic jam and completely missed the show! :( She only joined me in for the shopping after that, heh.

Luckily for me, I had Tracy for company! I was 1/2 hour earlier (rare), and already saw her sitting there alone chatting up with a caucasian guy.

The atrium was transformed into a cool stage set, and I really like the stage design.

Each guest receive a cash voucher to be redeemed on that day. A while later as I went to get a Lychee Martini to quench my thirst and grabbed little munchers on the way, I was spotted by G2000 fashion ambassador (left):

I don't know her name but I find her extremely pretty! Also liked what she wore. So I was told I dressed to the theme - Pastels and florals - fashionably (muahahha), and I won another $50 voucher. Happy!

I've never really been to a fashion show so I enjoyed myself pretty much. I'll let the photos do the talking for the collection, expect fresh colours like tangerine and lime on top of the usual earthy hues.

 I like this pure and elegant look - a lightweight long vest layered over a white blouse, and cream belt over the vest.

 I tried to look for her cape top in store after that but couldn't find it. Would have gotten that. :P

 Tracy's favourite look. She used her $100 (she was spotted too!) and bought a very similar dress and scarf to match up.

The mall was later packed with people and there were A LOT of photographers planted in front of the stage. 

I told Tracy this one looks too much like an air stewardess already.

Finale walk - all the models looking neat!

Since Cherie didn't have a goodie bag/voucher, I decided to share my joy and gave her one of the vouchers.

We went to the shop later and shopped for a good 45 minutes before deciding getting the SAME cardigan, but in different colours. Haha. It's a long cardigan lined with satin at the button area, available in two colours - nude (she got that) and light gray (mine!). Super comfy. :3

Anyway, I also brought home the catalogue for its Spring collection and the first two pages have my favourite looks! However, those outfits were not seen at the store, so I'm not sure when it'll be out. Go grab a copy of it from the store and ask the staff about it on your way out. Heh.

Also, visit G2000's microsite for any updates, promotions and events!

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