Thursday, October 27, 2011

HARAJUKU Street Style Launch 2011

Blogging, to me, is fueled by two things - the drive and the topic I want to document.  Unfortunately, I’ve been lacking in the former but definitely not in the latter.  I have at least five events that I’ve attended in the past 6 months (yes, I’m that unmotivated this year, sobs) that I want to share, but I have been procrastinating much. But here’s one for today!

HARAJUKU Street Style 2011

(From left to right: Bongqiuqiu, typicalben, Xiaxue and Cheesie)

Three Fridays ago was the launch of the Harajuku Street Style 2011. They have been around for the past few years and proved to be very successful, bringing in quality Japanese labels to our local fashion scene.

It’s the biggest Harajuku fashion event in Singapore, and Tangs have brought in 14 street fashion labels including Beams, Ray Beams, Ciaopanic, Coen, Crystal Ball, Dip Drop {cute name!}, KBF, Mystic, Ray Cassin, Rosebullet, Osewaya, Urban Research, Wego and Beauty & Youth United Arrows this time round.

The celebration was held at Tangs@Orchard, and the place was packed like sardines when I arrived that evening!  As I made my way to find Tracy, I heard and saw many Japanese engaging in conversations, which reminded me of the time I was in Japan and how much I miss it!

The event was hosted by MTV Asia’s VJ Utt, and the poor guy did try his very best to speak a tiny bit of Japanese.

We kicked off with the Harajuku Street Style fashion showcase and here are some of the photos I took:

I was very impressed with the choice of models, as they weren’t the “standard” pretty faces.  I’m not saying they’re not attractive - don’t be mistaken, they all are -  but they’re very different kinds of attractive, and a good mix of good-looking people, if you know what I mean.

 The models walked down the runway where many photographers await!

Stripes are in this season!  I like the girl with short hair! She’s tan, single eyelid but extremely cute, and she has that certain ‘aura’!

That’s a familiar face, blogger Jayley Woo is a model for the fashion showcase. Fresh-faced!

These two outfits are my favourite, girly, yet bold and full of attitude. Hehe.

For the guys, there was a combination of smart and casuals in the showcase.

Layering seems to be the key in Harajuku street style, pairing shawl with a frock, shirts and cardigans, blouses with throwovers... and top it off with worker caps or straw hats!

As for the footwear, I prefer the mens’ or than the ladies’ though. I love the color play and details of their sandals and loafers.

Nearing the end of the showcase, four celebrity bloggers also modeled for the labels. 

Malaysian blogger Cheesie was in town to promote the Harajuku affair (no surprise since she’s a Gyaru).  It’s the first time I see her in person and she’s really pretty! She carries herself very well and has the X-factor.

Love how this lady styled her hair! The bright auburn with her adorable fruity clips, very cawaii!

Genevieve and Cherring looking fabulous as always. I’m not surprised if they’re models themselves!

Special guests for the evening were celebrity blogger Rei Shito and street fashion photographer James Bent. I had no either it was James Bent who took a picture of me with his iPhone to upload on his album for the event. He writes for La Mode Outre and I eventually found my photo on his Facebook page.  Thank you! :)

I made a new friend that evening, Michelle (left), who is the first runner-up in the recent Miss Singapore Universe beauty pageant.

A journalist from also took a picture of my outfit.  He tried to teach me how to pose but I still look stiff and fat-faced. D: Oh well...

Beret - H&M USA; Scallop sweater top - Urban Outfitters; Tailored suspender skirt - Chinatown; Bag - Dejavu Vintage; Heels - Vvestiges (online)

I better get cracking on my other posts, not to mention that my tumblr challenge is a total fail!  Hurhur. I wanna thank my friend who cared enough to ask me in person why I stopped blogging about the challenge; I’m very easily satisfied like that. :.)


GenevieveWijaya said...

We aren't models XD (I'm way too far below from their minimum height requirement!) :P

Thiang! said...

But you're both so pretty! Nobody can tell the difference when you're in heels! :) Powered by Blogger.