Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real Steel, Real Good

Hahaha, very cheesy title I know, still love it! :D

The latest movie from Disney, REAL STEEL, will be out tomorrow in theatres, 6 October 2011, here in Singapore!

I caught the premiere last week and we were both very impressed with the graphics. {Spoiler alert!}

The plot was a little predictable, but still very much enjoyable overall. Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a seemingly irresponsible and scheming dad who is obsessed with robots and boxing. He was dubbed to be the boxing champion in his earlier days before robot boxing became more popular than traditional boxing.

Later, he reunited with his son (Dakota Goyo) in order to make use of him to earn some fast money. However, over the Summer the duo spent together, they learnt to appreciate each other and battled their way through to the World Robot Championships, with the help of a second generation sparring bot, Atom.

Atom is displayed at the Atrium of The Cathay now!

The almighty Zeus - created by the Russians - is known to be unbeatable, until they meet Atom and the Father-son duo.

It's a heartwarming film with a story focusing on kinship, yet at the same time makes you really excited because the robot scenes were excellent (I <3 robots!).

Anyway, go like the REAL STEEL FACEBOOK PAGE, take part in the online game and stand to win movie premiums! I want the sailor bag please! 

I already started playing Reveal The Steel Missions: 

There are 8 missions in total:

Each mission ranges in difficulty level and therefore the more challenging ones will give you more points.

Click on the "Tips" tab for uh, tips to answer the questions. I got a few of them wrong but fret not, you will have 3 chances to tackle them.

I always liked Disney's FB games, they're very interactive and creative. Instead of just the usual key-in-your-particulars lucky draw, the talented people actually make sure you have a fun time. They even have pseudo-microsites for you to read more about the characters and plot, awesome!

And now I just bugged a friend to print the robot figurine for me. :D Hey, Noisy Boy can fetch me 4000 points if I do him right {hahaha} okay!

For 5000 points, you got to get a QR code. Go figure this out yourself!

I did poorly for the "Train Atom" challenge. The light to prompt me was too similar to  the light that indicate I "boxed" correctly. So I waited, and then those pauses were counted as "misses". Meh. Sucks.

I almost didn't make it

Both the boyfriend and I think that Dakota Goyo performed really well in this film, and that he and Hugh Jackman shared good chemistry on screen.

Catch the trailer here:

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