Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Silky Product Review

This is a backdated post as I was supposed to update on my hair's progress on Day 7 and Day 14.  I had LASIK surgery on the first week on January so I try as much as possible not to use the computer. 

It's almost 21 days of using Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Silky series now and here are some of my thoughts about the products:

Shampoo: I've mentioned before it smells very sweet, similar to a honeydew scent. 

Conditioner: Still NOT liking it.  The unpleasant pungent smells kinda stays... ack!

Rinse-off treatment: My favourite product!  Smells good and hair turns super smooth immediately after usage!  The nozzle is in the shape of a starburst. Heh. 

And so when you squeeze the cream out, it looks like cupcake frosting! Hahaha

Intensive treatment: I don't really have the patience to stand in the shower for 5 mins with this on, so I think I didn't really enjoy the full benefits for this product. :X

On Day 7, my hair was noticeably smoother and shinier.  My hair became more manageable, especially during combing.

I would recommend friends to use this series if their hair is naturally healthy to begin with, and had undergone very minimal hair treatment processes (such that if you seldom dye or perm your hair).  If all you lack is that shine and softness, then this series of products is what you need. :)

Perhaps after this I should go for its Total Damage Care series to fix my split ends problem.  The lower part of my hair still seems rather dry and brittle, so I think I need something with more mosturizing properties. :)
On top of a regular haircare regime, I believe it's also important to go for occasional salon treatments and eat the right foods!  Our scalp needs rest too but I style/tie my hair almost daily, so I guess it's my fault that my hair is not in tiptop condition.

A tip I've learnt on the way is using cold water or at most lukewarm water when you wash your hair. This will help to retain the effect after your hair dries out.  I feel cold most of the time so I always use hot water to shower.  Maybe that explains the dry hair. =,=

The price probably ranges from SGD$6.90 to 12.90 (I'm not too sure about this!) but is definitely affordable and can be purchased at major supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian and even mamashops/mini-marts. 
You can also try Pantene's Total Damage Care & Hair Fall Control and see how it works out for you! Thank you Pantene for the hair products!

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