Wednesday, September 26, 2012

nydc Celebrates Super Sweet 17th Birthday!

Blogging about food is not a very good idea at 11pm!  Feeling so hungry just thinking about nydc's Super Sweet 17th Birthday last week. 

We gathered at Bugis Junction's nydc and had a great feast.

For starters, I highly recommend Waldorf with a Hic, the Waldorf salad with whisky-infused grapes!   Very refreshing as an appetizer, and I love the touch of roasted almond flakes.  I don't think I'll ever get sick of those crunchy Romaine lettuce.  ;)

Skinny Dip Chips are THE bomb.  The tortilla chips come with three flavours for you to dip: Spiced chilli beef (quite spicy - too spicy for me actually - but I know some people love that!), Blue cheese, and artichoke blend (so good!).

I figured the just dipping into the blue cheese might be too strong for some, so I actually tried dipping into all three at one go and my chips turned out AWESOME.   Would totally recommend this to share with your friends as a starter or if you're hanging out for tea.

93.3fm DJ, Lin Peifen, entertained us throughout the night with games.  There were longest breath competition of "nydcccccccccccccc" (to beat Edwin's timing ), word search,  and coming up with the best caption for a nydc dish.  Our table didn't win any prize but it's okay! :)

She was going around tables asking for our opinions and giving away nydc vouchers! 

My table mates were fun and engaging, and I enjoyed their company very much.  I even walked home with William after the event. Hahaha.

nydc fans should be familiar with Romeo & Juliet, baked herbed rice in their signature garlic mayo mixed with smoky crispy bacon and tender sweet corn, topped with melted mozzarella.  This is my absolute favourite dish of the night!  I love it so much I even finished Samantha's. :D :D :D

Drunken Masta' is my second favourite dish.  This seafood stew is a perfect combination of tiger prawns, dory fillet, clams, shell pasta and ... wait for it ... TEQUILA.   Hey, the name's not Drunken Masta for nothing!

You can even get to choose how many shots of tequila you want in your stew! 1 shot for Sober, 2 for Drunk and 3 for K.O.! I love creative dishes.  ^^

The Picasso Pizza is one of the classics at nydc.  Create your own canvas by choosing your own pizza base and 3 toppings. 

I was so stuffed by the time Yankee's in Town arrived, I didn't really get to try it properly. :(  I did have a taste of this hot sauce chicken wrapped in bacon though.  I think meat-lovers will dig this dish.  Comes with salad and crispy wedges!

Berry Freezy was my choice of  beverage that night.  It's a blend of mixed berries, lemonade and soda.  I have a sweet tooth so this is a little too sour for my liking. 

However, some of my table mates chose the Nutty Cookie Cruncher and Shake Affogato Shake, which both contains coffee and Bailey's!  I tried them both, and I must say they're smooth, sweet and will keep you awake. :)

nydc had celebrities (both online and tv) to initiate the cake-cutting ceremony.  How many of them can you spot?

As for the desserts,  we had some bite-sized pieces (everybody was too full!), but I wasn't too into the cakes.

Yet, Sealed with a Kiss may seem like your typical sweet chocolate cake, but it has a special minty twist to it. 

Then we also had I'm Goin' Bananas, chocolate fudge brownie with banana ice cream and walnuts.

Aiyo the photobooth is every blogger's favourite.  Even better when equipped with props! :D  

One with the hardworking Nuffies; And realizing that a friend has also joined the team too (Hi Chris!).

Pictures of Velda, Michelle and me.  Hehe

Happy 17th Birthday nydc, may you have many many 17 years to come. :)

Dine at nydc because You need no occasion to get wasted!

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