Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taiwan 2012 芯园宜兰民宿

Overdue!!! Taiwan March 2012

Our trip to Yilan (宜兰) was one of the most memorable stops during our Taiwan trip this year.

From the city, it'll take about 1~2 hours drive out to the 'countryside'.  In fact, not many cabs were willing to take us out as they won't be able to get any passengers back to Taipei from there.  Besides, we had quite a bit of luggage with us.

We went by quite a few paddy fields and throughout the ride we just enjoyed the view.

Luckily for us, there was a cab uncle who could visit his friend there and agreed to take us there, for additional charges though. It costs us about NT1000+ (near to 2000) to get to our boutique 'hotel'.

is privately owned by a family, who refurbished their land/house and made it into themed rooms/hotel.  The theme they work with is "Fairytale" [我的梦中城堡], it is evident and very consistent in both exterior and interior designs.

The entrance of the hotel facing a paddy field.  The air was good and the surrounding quiet, just the perfect spot for a quiet getaway.

At the "lobby", one corner was meant for customers to have breakfast or enjoy tea, while further down the corridor is a mini bar bistro.

To the right is a storeroom where customers are welcome to try out and borrow any of their costumes available to play dress up!  I picked up what I saw first, which is the giant Stitch hat.

Most of the dresses were a bit too long so we (Sis and I) chose about 4 outfits to bring back to our room.

There are 12 rooms in total, each with a different theme. The one we really wanted was already taken, so we decided on "Sleeping Beauty".

See, although the night's stay wasn't exactly cheap, it could accommodate all four of us and it's not just a tiny room we get, but more of an entire apartment.  To know what I mean, just go check out their site and look at the photo gallery. 

I would LOVE to stay in the Queen's Dome for my next visit there.   The bed looks SUPER comfy. Hahaha 

In order to reach our Sleeping Beauty Castle, we had to climb this flight of stairs! I wouldn’t be complaining, except that my luggage was huge and filled with shopping loots from the previous week. Lol. 

We also went around to explore the vicinity and found the Snow White’s abode (seven dwarfs behind!). 

My parents were exhausted so they watched TV and napped, while sis and I started our dress up and camwhoring.  

Sis explored the coffee machine and I sat in the bathtub (cute!). 

Our beds were separated from our parents, of course! We stayed on the second floor. :D
I love how even the coat hanger is so artistic.

We both didn’t look very good in this dress, but the back + train details were just so gorgeous!
Yes! We have a white wooden horse and a cartwheel bench just outside our room. 

An all-white gown, looks a bit like a casual wedding gown.

We spent the whole afternoon playing dress up and taking pictures lol.  Sis brought the curler so we just went completely had fun (and got my finger burnt -..-).  

Changed into a peach dress, and I have to act all dainty. Eee. Lol

In the evening, it was time to head out for dinner. Since we didn’t have any means of transport, we had to call a cab from the counter (NT20) to head out to the nearby market/central streets.   

We had a quick dinner at one of the stalls and then started shopping (as usual).  Saw Taiwanese stars filming for variety shows; got hungry, bought the 蛋糕 and oh they were SO YUMMY. 

So that kinda sums up our first day at Yilan, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.  Lovin’ it. I would love to bring Alien there some day! 

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