Tuesday, October 23, 2012!

Gonna share the website which I used to book my hotel when I was in London!

 3 months ago I brought Alien to an event at Loof and that's when we found out about!

The slogan for the site it "It pays to be popular", very shameless one, but it's quite true to its words. You DO get to save money when you travel if you're popular (among your peers!). 

We were told to wear something orange, and I gotta say it's not an easy color code!  Terence's so smart, he brought an orange plastic bag! Lol. 

All guests were given a badge (we get to choose from the different copy) and a sticker of our choice (for games later).  Alien is very thick-skinned one so he chose THAT. 

We girls + Alien are team Gold Coins.  And the $400 voucher I'm holding is from the game I won! :D 

Each group has to send a representative up to answer a question related to  We all stood back facing a big gong and the first to hit the gong gets to answer the question.  If you answer the question posted by Olli Pettigrew correctly, your entire team will win $400 backick dollarsThat also explains my shocked face coz' I don't usually win anything hahaha. 

There was also another ongoing competition ... 

"How Popular Are You?"  

All we had to do was to go to the photobooth, snap a picture and post it on the stage.  The photo with the highest votes will win $500 backicks. 

Took us quite a few times to capture great backick photos. ;D

 In the meantime, guests could decorate their photos and play even more games. 

In another corner there's a "How well can you backick?" contest and guests will have to literally back kick past 120cm to win backicks! It was super fun because some people already had had alcohol so it won't be easy to balance. Not to mention some of us are wearing dresses/skirts!  I joined in nevertheless and won even more backicks. ^^v  Alien also took part and won backicks!

 When it was time to announce the winners of "How Popular Are You?" contest .... 

It was us who took the $500 home. :P  

#nadnut photobomb!
I love Loof, every time I'm there I always feel like having one of their signature cocktails.  It's so breezy and cozy up there Great party~ 

Fast forward a few weeks, my backicks has been credited into my Facebook account (very important! Link backick to your FB account so you can share it with your friends) and I was ready to look for a place to stay in London. 
 I really like the website design because everything is so clear: How much savings/ backicks, how it works and search engine for the hotels. 

After you've keyed in the the area + dates, you can still filter the hotel options via price and hotel preferences. automatically calculates your savings and tell you how much you have to pay per night. 

In addition, the information about each hotel is listed below the pictures:

I really like how it tells me what are the nearby attractions because it makes it so much easier for day  planning. 

So I decided on a hotel and want to BOOK it. Backick tells me that I can use an additional 5% discount coupon from my friend who has also booked through Backick. If you don't want to use up all your backicks in one location, you can adjust the value to redeem.  Very flexible one. 

Then key in your details, wait for it to process and you're good!

 Lastly, not to forget to share on Facebook and backick the 5% to your friends! The more you share and backick, you and your friends will enjoy savings. 

And that's how it pays to be popular at BACKICK:D 



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