Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Taiwan 03/2012 - From Yilan to Jiaoxi 礁溪温泉

So after a good night's rest at 芯园宜兰民宿,here's how our breakfast looks like:

Super shiok please!  Dimsum, salad, wraps, fresh fruits and a big pot of porridge!  The breakfast was just awesome.  We could even ask for more without additional charge!

The weather was great too,  but we had to leave for our next destination.

So once again we lugged our heavy belongings and took a cab to a train station.  There are no buses in the vicinity so we had to pay NT200 to get to the nearest train station. There, we met this little gal. She was with her mom but were following us around. Haha so cute.

She especially liked Sis and even threw a tantrum when our train arrived and had to say goodbye.

Jiaoxi 礁溪 was only three stops down, and we walked to our hotel (Artspa Hotel). 

Our lunch was a simple noodle soup + seaweed.  There is NOTHING to shop for around the area. I think Sis and I spent most of the afternoon in the nearby supermarket for snacks instead. The pool/spa wasn't open until 5 or 6pm.

They have a huge outdoor spa and jacuzzi facility filled with natural spring water. My favorite is the hot stone 'bed'. I think I really did fall asleep there for a good 15 minutes or so.  I enjoy water activities but I don't like water massages, so I went back to my room before Sis did.

Even if I don't want to leave my room, guests can also enjoy the hot spa in the comfort of their own big-ass bathtubs.  I'm not quite sure how to use the smaller one though.

It was only a night's stay before we headed back to Taipei.

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