Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why #Bigbangwedding?

A lot of people have asked us this: Why #bigbangwedding?

It came about because of two reasons, but none of which referring to the K-Pop boy band. We wanted a theme to hold the wedding, but it wasn't going to be just fixed colours or "simple elegance" of that sort. We wanted to give it more space for creativity.

1) We were both hooked onto American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, just after we started dating and have spent much quality time watching all the episodes together.

2) Coincidentally, the actual Big Bang theory states that the Universe expanded from an extremely dense and hot state and continues to expand today. Both of us then sees that as a perfect analogy to our relationship -- the creation of our 'Universe'. We will continue to improve and grow old together, carring new 'galaxies' with us...

Oh I just realised there is a third reason.

3) If you know CG personally, you would know that he likes the Outer Space/ Universe in general, like super amazed by it. He watches documentaries about them and read about them online from time to time. And I like the galaxies because of the beautiful colours lol (ya damn shallow wth).

We did try to find other common things that we like or whether he's open to my suggestions but that was unsuccessful --> there goes my Harry Potter themed wedding... hahaha.

Social media sort of brought us together, and we're both very active online, so naturally a hashtag was 'created' to document our wedding planning.

With the theme in mind, I basically worked it into everything possible, including some DIYs ---

Nails for pre-wedding shoot, I can't remember where but it was a home salon in Sengkang.

Sand art; decoration

Hand painted (by numbers) on canvas board; decoration

Origami rockets mostly folded by CG; decorations

More table decorations

Phone wallpaper

Phone cover

2 weeks before the wedding I finally finished the layout and design of our photobook and sent it for print. Made in using p;log, which I highly recommend! I bumped into some technical issues which were resolved rather quickly via email. Collected the book within 2-3 working days upon payment, and the packaging is so cute.  

As mentioned in my previous post, because we didn't have a florist, my buddies and sister helped me make ribbons for the door handles one evening. They went to buy the materials and did these:

Morning theme color: Mint, White, Grey, Red (the van)

Super love them! I just want to highlight these were done by 2 guys + my sister. Hahaha, thank you so much!

2 days before the wedding I used the leftover ribbons and mesh to make a mini wedding skirt for QQ as well hehe.

Nails for actual day, went to The Nail Atelier for this set.

New bedsheet and stuff

Customized lego pieces for the entourage 

Planning #bigbangwedding has been fun and I get to meet a lot of people, but it was also very tedious and tiring. Unless you can afford the luxury of time and energy, I would say signing up for a package or get a wedding planner. At least you don't have to fret over small issues and you just have to take care of your body, face and table seating! I was actually healing from a finger and skin (body) infection on my wedding day.

Rest early and drink plenty of water, brides-to-be! <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

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