Sunday, June 17, 2007


When I start dancing again, even sleeping for 10 hours doesn't satisfy. I booked out early yesterday from D3's Dance Camp.
Now I'm aching all over. Bet the ones still in the camp have got another hell of a day if they had training today. Heh. But as compared to those days we had in NC SYF practices, these were just dessert I guess.

Watching Step Up, I want to feel like a dancer, so I tried to dress more like a dancer. And after like 2 years, I'm putting in my leotards again! :)

For the first time, I managed to put my sleeping bag in the bag! And that means I didn't bring alot of things, which is good. Coz' I always bring alot of lelong to camps. =.=

I dozed off on the bus and bumped into 2 other dancers, Billson (the super dancer that moves so well!) and h helpful at all. There's this new game though:

Each group have got 2 1.5L bottles of water to pour into a small plastic bowl, and one by one, anybody can pour any amount they want. The one who spill water out of the bowl, have to drink all the water in the bowl.

Freaky I tell you, the bowl really ain't that small.

The second round starts and the game will only ends when we finish the 2 1.5L bottles of Ice Mountain! Look at the concave shape of water surface. Even with this amount that looks like a drop of water will spill it, the game can still go on for about 10 mins. Skill. Heh.

Luckily, after all these, we had someone named Simon (whose image is totally ruined by his dressing) to teach us a dance. Song is Janet Jackson's All For you. We only manage to learn the chorus part and a bit of the back. But it was fun. :) It's not a very good idea to just wear leotard in D3 afterall. Coz' the studio's is bloody cold and if I'm not careful, I kinda look abit obscene. Ahem. BLIMEY! My itunes suddenly switched to THE EXACT SONG! Coolness. Fated.

It's just 8pm and I found Aaron (my scandal =.= ) sleeping in the corner while waiting for his clique so they can go shower together.

I didn't shower till 1am though. After all the activities at 11pm+, I messed around in the studio and ended up super 'high' there. I danced non-stop till 1am+ before deciding that it's time for me to bathe. Heh. A quick phone call to Hon and I'm off to bed at 2am+. I drooled. =.= I'm one of the 3 girls that slept. The rest either spent the night under the stars, playing Truth or Dare (committee), making out (2 couples there) or at KAP Mac eating their hearts out. 2 went missing though. Hmm.

Next morning was supposed to start stretching at 10am sharp. At 9.50am, this is what Rebecca, Sarah and I found in the studio.

Aww. doesn't Aaron and Louis look sweet? Haha. And I headed down to have my ice milo instead.

Torture chamber starts at 11am and I have been looking forward to it. (Although I didn't expect myself to push my limits and exceeds my own expectations.) Woah, I tell you, with 16 people pushing you from behind to stretch,is hell. The pain pays off when I realise that my initial 5-fingers gap to the wall is now shortened to 3.5 fingers gap. I am proud to show you the results if requested. But, I had trouble removing myself from the wall and walking after that. =,= The others laughed. :(

Next, I helped Aaron stretch as well. The studio was all screams and shouts and moaning. I can touch the floor standing with my back bending! FINALLY! And I'm so proud of myself. *beams* Also, I sort of was the choreographer of my group's dance song, Till the Dawn by Drew Sidora - soundtrack from Step Up. And I asked Nooring to teach me the chorus part. Whoo! Now I KNOW! Whee. More basic training in the noon, kicking, turning etc. Love them! Push push push your limits!

Before I go, I took this last photo. Super cute car accessories.

On Mon I went to polyclinic for the first time, the waiting time is loooong. And I hate the buzzer sound this thing makes.
Even though you know that the next 10 numbers is not going to be your turn, when that annoying thing buzz, it's like a reflex, I will look up at the board. Which irritates myself ALOT. UGH. Just one number left before my turn, he finally came.

Seems like everybody knows that charcoal helps the stomach. I'm probably the last fool who doesn't know.

Wed I had prata at Jalan Kayu. His expression is so adorable.

I caught Fantastic 4 on Thurs:

The movie is fast, painless and tearless. I guarantee. My opinion it's that it's better than Shrek 3 but is worse than Spiderman. Pirates rocks still! But Victor have got high hopes on Transformers (he's so eager). We've got tickets for 29 June. :)

Due to our indecisiveness on what to eat, we somehow ended up at Ajisen Ramen. YUMMY!

Heh. I know there's nothing of the restaurant. The Paiku Ramen I ate made my lips swollen! Can you tell? And I used the slliced cucumber to soothe it.

P.S. Everybody has been commenting on those evil, nasty pimples on my cheeks. Trust me, I've tried products to facial to sleep and it still ain't going away. If you've got better solutions, please inform me immediately ok? Thanks.

Last night my mom organised a BBQ downstairs (rare, I know) for Father's Day and everyone came. Photos are with sis and she's in Malaysia now. So we'll have to wait. Meanwhile, I have this!

Super adorable! He follows what I say, "Dong li buay diao!" (means Buay tahan, aka Cannot stand you!) Funny. I brought him to play by the pool.

Seems like someone who owns this beautiful dog made me his/her friend on friendster.

Anyone knows the breed?

I am once again in the Potter Frenzy! Daddy says in Europe, they are building a Harry Potter "disneyland" and the place will be complete in 2009! Great, now all the more reason to save money!

Can you believe I actually bought a $15 Cananda magazine from Gramaphone just for the Potter cover? And now Teenage has one and Kids Company too (I bought it just now). Victor has completed his Potter movie marathon again, and is now reading the entire book series for details. Seems like I have company now. :)

- Eyes aching from last night's major water loss coming out from the eyes. I need to do some reading now. :)

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