Tuesday, June 5, 2007


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Through a common media in the new century.

Yesterday it was the first time I sit down and you-tubed parody videos.

Here's a funny few, erm, hopefully you find it funny too, lah. Sequence according to the ones I find the funniest.

As much as I love Harry Potter, this is really funny that they made used of Lindsay's boobies.

During one of those Comm Issues lecture, Brian Lee showed this to us. And recently, Onion found this and showed it to me too.

I just wonder it's the real Paris Hilton? Listen to the conversation! :D

As always, MADtv's spoofs are funny. The Desperate Housewives one is hilarious too.

If you're one of those people who complain to go back to school just for remedial lessons for an hour when your school is near your vicinity, don't complain.

Imagine travelling to and fro Clementi just to drop your assignment into a submission box when you stay in Sengkang. Submitting requires only 3 secs. But the travelling time is 3 bloody hours.

Good thing is, it's dad's off day yesterday and he drove me there. On the way, we met with something I found interesting. Halfway, we were stopped by the traffic police. Panicked, we obviously thought we crossed the limits or something right?

Look at the number of cars being stopped.

The traffic police in action. Haha. Apparently, there's some big shot VVIP coming to stay over and they have to ensure safety. Sorry I didn't read the news. But dad says they're going to Shangri-La Hotel and dad went on telling me about the standards of hotels. All this while, he's been my walking newspaper. Hmmm. Father's Day coming eh ...

Because I have to submit assignment, I had late lunch at 5pm. =.= And I still had to help sis buy Shaker Fries. =.=
Look at this! I told you it's a TREND! :D Uber cute.

I think my period is coming. Because my head is filled with negative thoughts and I had picked fights with Victor. And I am extremely moody at times, yesterday night was madness.

Today noon break was mind-boggling. I am being exposed to many different information on sex issues. Well now that I'm not so innocent, I am still in schock. Hur hur. But then again, it will not change my opinions towards people. :)

Uh oh. I haven't prepared script for radio tmr. And I'm watching a drama serial. Eye candies and a very addictive plot. :S
I haven't even showered. Tomorrow there's a showdown between NP's Radio Heatwave and NUS's Radio Pulze. Perhaps you would like to show your support for us at Cathay Cineileisure. I bet tomorrow's going to be all claws and hammer hiding in the sleeves. I'm excited. Heh.

I talked to Wendy before ending my day in school! :D
Funny faces.

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