Thursday, January 3, 2008

Spritely o7!

As 2007 got nearer and nearer to the end of the year, we should always look back at the year and see how far we've come (pun totally intended). However, this year I've chosen not to. I'd rather look forward to my great 2008 ahead, what with my attachment coming along and coming-of-age to club and drive. :D

I think it's rude of me to not respond to friends' blessings regardless whether they are in the form of a phone messages or calls, thus I would like to thank the follwing people, who have made my year 2007 end with a bang.

Christmas Carols (in chronological order):
  • Dwayne (I hope you recover from your accident soon! I REALLY should find time to pay you a visit, I promise I'll bring you a lily! :))
  • Wei Zhi (I've already standby two boxes of Rocher to make the roses! :P )
  • Jun Ji
  • Cherie
  • Wei Nan
  • Neng Hao
  • Minty
  • Chee Ming
  • Dao Kai
  • Zhi Ming
  • Zhao Rong (I'm going to borrow the books from you soon! :P)
  • Ming Le
  • Wai Yee (Your birthday present is still on my bedroom floor!)
  • Jie Jie's (SMOOTH foundation!)
Christmas was spent at home doing work. Hur. BUT! I had good rest. :)

Boisterous Birthday o7:
  • Sky (Phonecall! Really unexpected)
  • Minty (ON TIME! {pun fully intended } :P)
  • Victor Ho
  • Kwang Wei
  • Jue Yi (You and your not-so-secret secret) :D
  • Mr Ting Kok Thiam (Random lah you! Go get married already!)
  • Chee Ming (I'm sorry if I broke into fits of laughter on the 27th, because you meant to surprise me. But I appreciate it a lot! )
  • Ying
  • Ming Le (Happy 18th equally! :) )
  • Di Shan
  • Chun Yan (I'm sorry I didn't message you to wish you on the 31st. Here's a big one{literally}: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!)
  • Wai
  • Wen Hui
  • Dao Kai & Kelly & Ken ( For the two-time radio broadcast of singing and announcing of JT's 18th birthday. :) )
  • Cherie
  • Kimmo & Marvin
  • Harnie
  • Desleen
  • Jun Ji
  • Sujith
  • Aaron
  • Zhao Rong
  • Yong De
  • Charlie Tan (KING KONG!)
  • Kien Hoe (OMG!)
  • Shy (Goodness, all the way from Langkawi sia!)
  • Tze Hui (Happy Sweet 17th!)
  • Wendy Potter-fanatic-friend
  • Samuel Chng (Extreme touched at the moment I was born 18 years ago, you messaged!)
  • Si Hui
  • Joanne Chan
  • Stanley Stranger (seriously)
  • Hong Qing
  • Yu Guang (LATE! :P)
  • Neng Hao of course, for the wonderfully planned birthday celebrations.
  • Kenneth Lam (shaking my hand in school)

  • Fung & Jo (That Taiwan Whiskey and Capricorn Pop-up thingy!)
  • All of Graffiti Gals for that FABULOUS FABULOUS bag and Body Shop set.
  • Neng for the lovely hand-made photobook, food, champagne, red wine, alcohol, cab fare and 2 tasteful cakes)
  • Jie Jie for the to-die-for blusher
  • Kimmo & Shy (Sexay boxer set!)
  • Eileen Kang for the cute badges, book and the SWEET SWEET card.
  • Cong (RUSH HOUR!!!!! I've started playing it.)
  • Papa & Mommy for Angpows
  • Thomas for giving face and turned up at Zouk!
  • Jun Ji (coincidental)
My 18th Birthday was awesome thanks to you all who made it happened! :)

New Year:
  • Yu Zhen
  • Zhao Rong
  • Cherie (Very nice message that you've composed)
  • Chee Ming
  • Kimmo
  • Charles
May all your new year resolutions come true! :D

* * *

And yes! I can't wait for the holidays to come so I can work and earn money to fill my empty bank account plus shopping for holiday! :) Most importantly, getting away from all the grit and dirt from school.

Loads of pictures to input here. :}

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