Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hoarse, Coarse, Lost

The part time DJs sure are busy.

Dao Kai only text messaged me the night before if I want to join him for a K session. My voice was gruff, I was sick, but I gladly obliged because I haven't seen him in ages. And bloody hell! He only came back from Aussie the night he messaged me!

The Friday singing session wasn't held at KBox. Instead, we went to Cash Studio at Apollo Centre.

Not that I'm bragging, but my voice doesn't normally sound THAT bad when I sing. But last week when I sang the first song, I knew it was BAD. I can't even sing properly. The phlegm, pain and everything. Argh.

It is very embarrassing as well because the other two who went singing with us were Chun Yan and Shun Jie, I swear they're one of the best singers around. They sang all songs wholeheartedly, obviously trained.

Yeap, that's the both of them. Even when it comes to duet, the both of them sang in such sweet harmony. Very nice.

We were quite shocked to see Chun Yan that evening because she had cut her hair short, appearing with a new bang-and-jellyfish-head kind of hairstyle. Coincidentally, I had my haircut that afternoon as well. Now, I have short hair! :D I look 5 years older.

Shun Jie is now serving army, while Dao Kai is always busy with work. He got us a couple of keychains from Aussie, 算你还有心!Haha, kidding!

Maybe because we're still not use to her hairstyle, that's why.

On the whole, I didn't sing much, nor did I enjoy it a lot because I couldn't sing freely, and was troubled by other affairs.

However, things changed after I met my friends for coffee session after which, and that was cool. I only reached home at 3.40am and that got Mom extremely crossed. Sigh.

Speaking of my Mom, things ain't going well and I'm very irritated. For now, we just aren't talking.

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