Thursday, March 6, 2008


As usual, every CNY I would very much like to stay over at my Gu Jie's house and this year was no exception, only that it was 2 days later.

Because Gu Jie wasn't home yet, I headed over to Claire's house to visit Shimmy and her first, just opposite Gu Jie's house.

Goodness, Shimmy changed so much I couldn't recognize her. I even thought I went to the wrong floor. 0,0

Since now I was no longer afraid of dogs, I was playing with Shimmy all the time. Fluffy white thing. :D

There, sniffing me. ^^v

And that's her favourite shirt according to Claire.
Pink huh, but she seemed very tomboyish leh.
Wait, I'm stereotyping.

That was one of the earliest night I slept. I arrived at Gu Jie's house at around 7pm, accompanied her to watch pointless TV shows (I was stoning!), chat a little, showered, and surrendered. I HAD TO sleep at 11pm. 0,0

Next morning I woke up miraculously at 8am and watched 早安您好. Ridiculous!
Then I played with the new kid, named Locust (I think). Hur.

Cute, ain't he?

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