Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Month After CNY

My pictures come slow.
I hate myself for always lagging behind time.

This year, I was given late notice that the entire family (including cousins and grandparents) were going to spend Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Not that I'm not willing to go with them, it's just that they should have asked, no?

So, I have lesser red packets this year, as well as missing out on a lot of the CNY atmosphere (no decorations, buying of fresh flowers from flower market nor Willows).

What's not very nice was on that day we left for Genting, I had school, but spent it at the printing shop printing our magazine. Then Kimmo and I had to cab back to school for our attachment talk (which I can't recall what Patrick Wong said coz' I was constantly worrying about the time).

I had to take cab down to meet my family (all wearing the same clothes all the way till the next day, yes eww).

I didn't have a single meal! I munched on Famous Amos cookies my uncle brought. Heh.

Being the paranoid mom, even when the white card is no longer needed to enter Malaysia, must still insisted, "just in case".

At 5am, we reached and waited to check in.
I really am "geh kiang" (act smart), because I thought it wouldn't be chilly, so I was wearing shorts and thin stockings.

My mood was lifted upon looking at the CNY decorations. I saw the signboards around and there were loads of activities lined up that sounded exciting!

My cousins, being their first time there, were pretty happy.

Very tired, due to lack of sleep.

Breakfast was great at 好友记, the nice Dim Sum place. They have upgraded their service with this device! We were playing with it. :D

Sis and I spent the first day shopping, because the rest went to the theme park.

The next morning: nice weather, great scenery.

No idea why, but we went back to the Dim Sum place for breakfast again. :)

By golly, don't my eyes, nose and face shape look like daddy's?

My first Yu Sheng (my favourite!) in 2008!

My initial plan there was to watch 4 movies, which I did. I watched Meet The Spartans alone, and I urged no one to go watch it please. It's a waste of time.

First was CJ7. All of us watched the screening at Genting's conference hall at night.

I still can't believe the "boy" and the disgusting teacher are both females. Shocking. 0.0

Wahaha, the biggest "Fortune Man".

Lion dance performances didn't interest me. Moreover, there were already a lot of people blocking my view!

Then it was Starbucks to chill (pun intended) before waiting for the fireworks display!

The firecrackers was so loud, it also polluted the clear skies of Genting, covering it with a thick layer of smoke. It took about 20 mins (I got sick of it after a while).

But the fireworks were magnificent. It seemed as though it rained down on us.

On the third day, sis went to rock climb with my cousin, RM4 per try. Haha.

Sis and I went for a manicure to pamper ourselves. Heh.

Yep. I wanted to try and see how it would be like, using a machine to do our manicure.

Choose the design, and the girl will deal with the filling and base coat, before setting the machine and it will print onto your finger.

She will then remove the excess.

Jang jang, this is mine.

I didn't watch Jumper then because it wasn't out. Apparently when I watched it with Neng, he fell asleep! And I didn't even realise! =,=

After that, a group of us went to watch (insert name). Shit, the movie was so bad I couldn't remember the name. It's the one that made one feels like vomiting. The one that was shot by a hand-held camera, produced by producers from The Day after Tomorrow?

We needed a breather, so we went to walk around.

Mommy is superstitious and adores the Fortune God.

Guess whether the background is photoshopped on?

Dinner was even better at Happy Valley restaurant!

Ok, dad is pretty much a cam-whore bas as well. Haha, kidding!

Ah Gong was being very funny and hyper so we played along with him.


More play photos!

My second Yu Sheng, this is getting better!

Eh, the fire burnt through the metal plate of the fish dish.


Green Ogre!

The one and only family photo.

We split up, and I went to the garden (haven't been there since primary 4!)

I breathed like I never breathed before.

Whee. This is fun.

My cousins are easily contented with a new Ultraman boxing candy toy.

Loads of family shots!

Mommy opening her fortune cookie at Kenny Rogers.

Pretty outdoor photos we took while waiting to go to the bus station:

Unglam caught red-handed! Haha.

Shite, daddy is narcissistic!

Oops, secret outta the bag!

I told him this is NOT cool.

Back in Singapore! ^^v

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