Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 1st Picnic

It was an ideal day to bring the furkids out, the weather was good and a public holiday (Hari Raya some more).

The day I had my first picnic that I organized (well, sort of).

Although the plan to start the picnic at 3PM was delayed (ahem, not me this time), Unker TK, Rachie Cheh and I managed to reach around four plus with four canincs and MacDonalds for everybody!

We all haven't got time to cook or bring drinks, so we'll have to make do with what we have. :)

Firstly, I must bring attention to the babes present. Both of them happened to show off their chest areas, wearing low-cut tops revealing cleavage.  Hur hur, even Ozzie promoted her sexy butt.

The picnic was a casual affair, with only the six of us enjoying the almost non-existent breeze. Haha.

While taking the group photos, some arse used my straw hat as his "tripod". How nice, and he did it without my permission.

Another highlight was when this father of three kids walked over to us, then took a good look at us of about a grand total of 10 seconds before opening his golden mouth to ask,

Are these Rottweilers?

Well, TK being TK, will always answer,

No, they're just over-grown Chihuahuas
 , followed with a wide cheeky grin.

Now, I can understand if he didn't like the joke (because honestly so am I) but he didn't need to be rude you know?

Hey, I'm not joking here. I've got kids around here. You better leash up the dogs.

Oh don't worry, they are Search & Rescue dogs.
Oh really? *raises eyebrow*
He then proceed to command his kids and brought them over to the other side of the same grass patch we were on.

Like hello, your eye grow on your backside is it? Can't you see that Bear and Bruno WERE already leashed up and quietly frolicking in the proper down position? They're harmless! And if you're so scared, why don't YOU leash up your kids so they won't wander too far off from you?

Plus, if you and your kids doesn't like dogs, and you see four over here, you don't know how to bloody move to another field?!

A prick picking a fight.

Rachie Cheh and I got unhappy over this issue so I came up with a suggestion to bring Ozzie and QQ over, make them bark and scare the kids.

What? The father clearly have a skewed opinion on dogs and I just want to prove my point that not all big dogs are fearsome and not all small dogs are lovable and innocuous too.

I still remember that fucked up incident of the darned Jack Russell and its (you're so mean so you shall have no gender!) owner that happened at East Coast Park. QQ was just so excited upon seeing another dog, eager to meet and greet, went up to sniff, JRT attacked QQ. It bit hard on her mouth area and refused to let go. QQ had to struggle but the tension worsen her pain. All these while with the irresponsible fucker standing there watching the entire ordeal and not stopping the dog. Finally when QQ break free, he left without an apology and gave me dirty looks. What. A. Fucker. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

So there. My point is: Dogs behave according to how their owners have brought them up. Thus I shall conclude that father is stupid and moronic.

Other than the above accident, the picnic was great! It started to pour heavily only after we got into the car. So shiok to croon to jazzy songs while driving in the heavy mist of rain. Aaaah.

All chio pictures here are credited to Rachel Teo and Haw KL.

Lastly, I think I should have named QQ Dash instead of QQ. She's speedy >>




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