Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Pink Room Nail Acad @ Expo

Two Sundays ago, I was scheduled for an event for the third time. It was held at Singapore Expo and I am required to do some public speaking/emceeing, only this time time I had to do it on stage, a very last minute decision at that,

Naturally, I panicked because there wasn't much preparation time or guidelines/instructions. I almost had cold feet again on-stage, having the urge to leave the stage and passing the microphone back to the professional, Avelyn (I'm pretty sure she's the host on Kids Central).

Whatever I had blurted out from my mouth was a blur. All spur of the moment. :/ Completely no control. Even the questions I prepared the night before to ask on stage were all scraped since the plans were changed. 0,0!

The worst part has yet to come. The fact that I stupidly wore my stiletto bootie to make myself taller amongst the crowd doesn't help either. The boss wanted me to "make a presence"! Boy I can't be more wrong. Wobbled around barefooted whenever I could. :(

At the end of the day the pain was so immense, worse than the last time when I stood all day at Bugis Junction. For some odd reason, it was very humid in there so I've been perspiring non-stop since I cabbed there in the morning. Thus I had the urgent sweat patch situation under the pit. :(

By being on stage also marks my first solo emcee experience which I can't say I really fancy. I think I still prefer hosting with a partner that I can work well with, behind the "air".

Still, I tried my best in keeping my sentences short and concise. Yet, the first thing I went up was to welcome the models out, it took a grand total of 20 seconds. Silence. eyes darted around. Next, when I introduced the Principal of the Academy, I announced her name wrongly! Majo boo-boo!

Thing is, I KNOW her name and have been calling her all day. It's a case of a Freudian slip and I loathe myself for doing that, because instead of "Rachel Tang", I exclaimed " _______ Tang!" (if you wanna know, ask me directly). Imagine my horror!

Bah. I am to blame. I am starting to doubt my ability and ask myself if this is really what I want to do. I know for sure I still very prefer very much in becoming a radio personality, but how to?

Oh, did I mention the whole prize-giving ceremony was under-run by an hour?!

P.S. Once again I got fooled by the middleman who told me I would be able to get a complimentary set of nails done for taking up this assignment. Pfft, bullshit, bitch!

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