Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Balls

As you're reading this entry, I am still in Singapore (sadly yes I know). But not at home or work, probably at the airport laughing with MsV!

My colleagues are scrambling around their houses/shops dressing up for the annual D&D, this year's theme being Back To School (I would very much like to attend, knowing I can dress up! - Think Gossip Girl style). Hur. During one of the morning breakfast sessions they were talking about what they want to wear, and my job that day was to style their hair or something.

It should be fun. I also missed the opportunity to meet all the hunky officers! Hahaha. Just kidding. Although one DID really ask me if I was going to the dinner. *shy*

Anyway, friend-who-says-I-remind-him-of-sex-goddess gave me this (vaguely remember I blogged about this before leh):

A huge ball. A huge lollipop that's bigger than my fist. Or both my fists (I think). I was petrified thinking about the big candy I have to suck on.

Sis used to have one and she took one whole month to finish it. Gross. She has to leave them unwrapped in the fridge for so long.

It was a relief when I finally unwrapped it in the office to reveal:

Jeng jeng! A lollipop of lollipops! I've distributed them to my colleagues (hope you don't mind hor) and they were all wow-ed by the packaging. I'm sorry I'm not a fan of lollipops.

Just the lollipops. :p

I'll be off now! Be good!

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