Sunday, August 22, 2010

AQUALABEL - Bloggers' Workshop

Last week, I met AQUALABEL and only got to know her briefly.

This week, I met her face to face at the AQUALABEL starter workshop with the rest of the bloggers, and even get to try my hands on the full series of products. Afterall, beauty is more than just skin deep. behind the layers of make up, I finally learnt the proper steps to take care of my overworked skin.

At AQUALABEL. she believes that dry skin is the root of all evil, and hence she promises to keep skin moist and infuse your skin with sufficient amounts of moisture with three key stages - Sink, Saturate & Seal.

The unique blend of oil and water allows moisture and other effective ingredients to be penetrated into the deep layers of your skin. This Aqua Synergy will then be maximally absorbed by the skin, keeping it soft and supple.

Instead of bombarding with the technical aspects, simply put, AQUALABEL saturates and seals the skin with Moist Aqua Keeping Base. It uses 4 powerful ingredients to concoct this exclusive formula.

As mentioned in the previous post, AQUALABEL carries three different ranges -


This range of whitening products focuses on reparing and preventing the targeted problems such as pigmentation and brightening skin's overall clarity.

We were corrected at the workshop that the products doesn't fade away scars, but instead targets the root of the pigmentation problems by to stop overactive melanin production. :)

With regular usage of AQUALABEL Whitening Line, the skin will look brighter and appearance of spots are minimized.

AQUALABEL Mosturising

This range of products replenishes thirsty skin with lots of moisture to achieve youthful and boing! skin.

During the workshop I slapped on a AQUALABEL Moist Charge Mask and I love how my skin reacts to the mask in just three minutes! Because it's an intense mask, no longer than five minutes is required for the skin to absorb the moisture and nutrients.

I brought home with me the knowledge of massaging the essence from the mask into the skin after you peel off the mask. On top of the usual patting, they are actually six crucial steps before that. Might consider showing the proper way if anybody's keen. Heh.

And AQUALABEL Anti-acne Whitening Care

Last but not least this range of anti-acne products promote smooth skin complexion by prevention of acne and acne scars.

I haven't really tried this range yet but I think I NEED to, judging by my skin condition. :(


 Bloggers mingle, and browse through the products on display.

For product demo purposes, we had to pin up our hair:

No matter which range you choose eventually, I learnt that these steps are important to our daily beauty regime.

1) Cleanse 

Since AQUALABEL wanted to keep the workshop real neat and tidy, we didn't have water basins to wash our faces. We were instead, given hot towels (SIA style) to clean our faces after using the Deep Clear Cleansing Oil.

I got a little panicky because I know how oil removers will get into my eyes (and I'm wearing permeable lenses to it blurs my vision completely), but miraculously with the vapours from the hot towel, the oil doesn't stain my lenses and cleared up within 30 secs. That was how I am convinced by the ingredients and texture of the product. :)

2) Soften

Often, I am too lazy to apply a toner, but at they workshop it was highlighted how important this step is. We get to choose from either the White Up Lotion (S/R) or Moisture Lotion (S/R).

This step have to be done in an upwards and outwards direction, for if not your skin will become saggy!

I do, however, suggest you use a lint-free cotton pad. Coz' mine got a little messy with the "furry" bits on my face!

3) Moisturise

I need not say more for this step. They have the White Up Emulsion, White Up Cream Moisture Emulsion and Moisture Cream.

4) Special Care

Treat your skin right with regular masks treatment, and force all the previous beauty products you used on your skin to work harder for you with AQUALABEL star products - Aqua Enhancer WT and Aqua Enhancer MO.

 I tried the Moisture Charge Mask, that has a special S-shape design to create lift for your face.

I got to say, it's my first time putting a mask on in a room with so many other people. A bit shy.

In addition, they have cut-outs for the eye area but I am vain, so I covered the entire face with the mask. Hehe.

The Enhancers - Cosmopolitan China Beauty Awards 2007 Winner

5) Sun Protection

Have fun under the sun with two types of Protect Milk UV - SPF 30 or SPF 50 9 (suitable for intense outdoor activities).

6) Base Care x Makeup Base

From the Moisturising range they have a little cute one called Moist Coat Essence to conceal the ugly pores.

Afterwhich, each of us try to find the right shade of foundation in both liquid and powder form.

I had a sandwich for a healthy dinner thanks to the warm hospitality of the staff. :)

At the end the beauty workshop,  I left the building with new friend, Xinyi, with my face feeling non-sticky, moisturised - and cheesy as it sounds - glowy. Yes, I feel that glow on my way home. And all I had on the face was some light foundation. :)

Thank you AQUALABEL and the important girls behind it that make the workshop such a success (that nobody wanted to leave their seat even after the workshop ended)!

(P.S. I'm amazed by how many photos I've crammed in this entry!)

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